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Welcome to Camping Village over the sea Verde Luna

Campeggi nelle Marche
Comfy tents surrounded by vegetation

Camping holiday center Verde Luna Every lay-by is individually equipped with current and water connection and off-flow.

  • Wi-Fi Zone
  • Electricity
  • Entry pool
  • Water supply
  • Hot showers
  • Car parking
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Chalet nelle Marche
Comfortable with all comforts
Starting from € 340 foor week
Starting from € 340 foor week

Comfortable chalets, fully furnished and equipped, with all the facilities to offer you a pleasant and comfortable stay.

  • umbrella + 2 sunbeds
  • use pools
  • shower
  • conditioned air
  • final cleaning
  • kitchenette
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bungalow marche sul mare
With direct access to the sea
Starting from € 440 foor week
Starting from € 440 foor week

Bungalow 5 new seats in masonry bedroom with 3 single beds, toilet with shower, bidet and hair dryer, living room with kitchenette...

  • Conditioned Air
  • Shower
  • Kitchenette
  • Sofa
  • Beach and umbrella
  • Hairdryer
  • Microwave oven
  • TV
view more

Dove Siamo